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Yes, it’s possible to build and sustain enrollment without increasing your budget or discount rate.

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Enrollment Analytics

Enrollment Management Audit & Analysis

We will start with a thorough analysis of your entire admissions process to determine what is working, what is not, and where opportunities exist to enhance yield and maximize ROI. This includes analysis and recommendations for the following areas:

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Financial Aid Optimization

Financial Aid & Pricing Analysis

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of financial aid results in a tailored strategy to optimize net revenue. In addition to analyzing how the institution packages aid, together we will develop a model that reduces the discount rate, improves net revenue, and enhances marketability.

This also includes:

Joel created the Alabama Advantage Scholarship Program, The Maine Flagship Match, ETSU Promise Plus Scholarship Program and many others like Make a Difference Scholarship to meet individual college marketing and brand awareness.

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Recruitment Marketing

Marketing for recruitment

Successful recruitment requires bold messaging and a blend of multi-media marketing strategies. Optionally, Joel can deploy his talented affiliates who are adept at:

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